The Shakespeare Company is Calgary’s lean and mean classical theatre company.


Since 1995, we have brought the Bard alive for Calgarians through both Shakespeare and Shakespeare inspired plays. The Company’s mandate is to educate and enchant artists and audiences alike by performing premium productions. The company is committed to making Shakespeare accessible through innovative performances and inspired directing.

Learn the many ways you can support The Shakespeare Co. and help keep the spirit of Shakespeare thriving in Calgary. 

Julius Caesar


Honour. Patriotism. Betrayal. Shakespeare’s political thriller exposes the passionate blood that flows between men in power.


September 21 – October 7, 2017


Thanks for a great show!

 King Lear


Our take on Shakespeare’s tragedy of the Celtic king.


March 15 – 31, 2018



Much Ado About Nothing


A dark, but hilarious love story that can only be described as Shakespeare’s best rom-tragedy-com.


May 17 – June 2, 2018



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  • Interview with Director of King Lear: Seana McKenna

    Seana McKenna is a 26-year veteran of the Stratford Festival, who both acts and directs.  She recently played Lear for The Groundling Theatre Company in Toronto and is now directing The Shakespeare Company’s production of King Lear.  She very generously agreed to answer our questions,... ...

  • An Interview with Julie Orton on King Lear

    Julie Orton, playing both Cordelia and Fool in The Shakespeare Company’s upcoming King Lear, very generously agreed to answer our questions, in the midst of rehearsals.   TSC: You’re into your second week of rehearsals with Seana McKenna, and you’re playing both Lear’s youngest daughter... ...

  • What’s Behind Our King Lear Seascape Poster?

    Our poster for King Lear features Calgary actor and legend Stephen Hair as the mad king. Created by our designer, Kurt Firla, our posters are always more than they seem. A number of our Shakespeare fans have been asking why our King Lear poster features... ...

  • Artistic Directors Note on Julius Caesar

    We are sharing our Artistic Director’s note from the Julius Caesar program. A great way to start off the season!     Shakespearean drama often dealt with the eternal conflict between fate and free will. Through his characters, Shakespeare addressed the universal human conflict between... ...

  • Notice of AGM 2017

    June 5, 2017   Notice of Annual General Meeting     The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2017 Annual General Meeting for the Shakespeare Company Theatre-in-the-Round Guild. All members and interested parties are welcome to attend. DATE: MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017 TIME:... ...