Study Days

Study Days

About Study Days

Study Days are modelled on those offered by Shakespeare’s Globe and National Theatre London.  The focus is on textual interpretation.  Aided by a professor and actors from the production, participants will consider how our appreciation may be enriched by academic and professional insight into Shakespeare and his work.

Study Days are intended for adult learners, as a form of life-long learning, but we will very happily welcome youth who are interested.

The Tempest Study Day

Saturday, September 21 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm


Inside Out Theatre

Unit A02 – Eau Claire Market

200 Barclay Parade SW

Calgary, AB, T2P 4R5

Price: $15 + fees

Contact William French at with any questions.

What to Expect:

We are delighted that Darren Dyck, Assistant Professor of English Literature at Ambrose University, will lead this three-hour Tempest Study Day.  He is a Shakespeare scholar well-rooted in the classics of English and ancient literature, who is above all committed to close textual reading and teaching in the liberal arts tradition.

In the first seminar hour, participants will consider the play in its context: what was Shakespeare thinking when he wrote The Tempest?  Why did he turn to the genre of romance only at the end of his career?  What ideas does the play explore?  And what do we do with a character like Caliban?

In the second hour, participants will get up close and personal with the language of Shakespeare’s text, looking at the poetry of the play to figure out how Shakespeare uses words.  This may involve some small-group discussion.

In the final hour, we will be joined by actors from TSC’s Tempest, Valerie Ann Pearson and Devin MacKinnon, for a discussion of how the text informs their on-stage work and what they are learning through this production.  Val, playing Gonzala, also teaches Shakespeare, and Devin, playing Antonio, is a graduate of the Birmingham Conservatory at the Stratford Festival.

The goal of Study Days is to help participants get more out of reading and viewing classical drama, as well as to contribute to the growth of a community of learners around The Shakespeare Company.