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Our company only exists because of the generous support we receive from the government, our sponsors, and the community. Without our wonderful supporters, we would not be able to bring Shakespeare’s words alive on stage. We are committed to making Shakespeare accessible through innovative performances and inspired directing, while supporting new and emerging artists in the theatre community.

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”  ~William Shakespeare

Our Sincerest Thanks To

Season Sponsors
Emerging Artist Supporter


($10,000 – $50,000)

Arc Financial Corp, Hit & Myth Inc., Haysam & Rose Kadri, RBC Emerging Artists Foundation, Clarice Siebens, Glen & Brenda Sine


($5,000 – $9,999)

Daniella Hejralova, Rozsa Foundation, Robert Sartor


($2,000 – $4,999)

Cenovus Energy Inc., Ann de Boer, Richard & Lois Haskayne, Roger LeBlanc, Luigi Riscaldino, Brian & Mary Ann Smith, Alane Smith, Kim Stephens & Celeste Lorenzen, Strix Development Inc., Ian Young & Catherine Barrett


($500 – $1,999)

Jerry Callaghan, Jo-Ann de Repentigny & Denis Couturier, Robert T. Dick, Deborah Ferguson & Douglas Rix, Douglas Francis & Barbara Grant, Thomas & Cathy Gould, Kenneth Hanley, Dennis Johnston, Gregory Lake, Kelsey Ledbury, Kevin McKendrick, Shahid S.A. Naqi, Edward Ogum, Derrick Pagenkopf, Ron & Enola Schmitz, Karl & Lindsey Sine, Melody Williamson, Wine Collective

Nick Bottom

(Up to $500)

Karen Almadi, Howard Bell, Mona Bell, Patricia Benedict, Ronda Borneman, Mike Broadfoot, Anne J. Brown, Dennis Cartwright, Mary-Jo Case, Cyndi Chomick, David Clemis, David Coulson, Ronald Culver, Robert J. Davies, Umesh Dayal, Amanda Edward, Lori Farley, Olivier Favreau, Robert Fergusson, J.P. Fournier, Jane & Gil Gauthier, Terry Gonsalves, Susan Grams, Linda L Green, Judy Griffin, Sean Guisso, Neal Halstead, Doug Hamilton, Richard & Sue Harbert, Cameron Harris, David Haynes, Craig Hiddleston, Faryn Hill, Elizabeth Hobday, Katie Hobday, Patricia Hotchkiss, Karen Kane, Lara King, Anita Kochylema, Robert Kulhawy, G Lambert, Anna Lerch, Satwant Lota, Linda MacDonald, Cheryl MacLennan, Gary & Deb Mann, John & Janet McLenahan, Brent Moore, Ethel Nakano, Doug Neilson, Sharon Niemeyer, Dohn Norwood, Lisa Olund, Elisabet Parkin, Erika C. Pochailo, Douglas Purcell, Ian J.  Roberts, David Robertson, Arielle Rombough, Jean Rowling, Michael Sainas, Joe Scorgie, Bruce Seifred, Tamara P. Seiler, Stacey Severs, Don & Barb Sibbald, Sinopec Daylight, Chuck Smith, Greg Stebbe, Gerald & Mary Jane Stephens, Llyn Strelau, Mr. H. Allen Swanson Valerie, Loretta  Tetarenko, Rod & Betty Wade, Walls Alive Inc., Katherine White, P Gail Whiteford, Kevin Willis, Susan Wilson-Burns, Emily Wood, Brad Wright, Jared Wynveen, J A Yuen, Tom Zavesiczky

We sincerely apologize if we missed you in our donor listings! As we grow up we are implementing new technologies and amalgamating all of our donor information as best we can. Please get in touch and let us know if we missed you in our acknowledgements.

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